Swami Vivekananda Academy

A unique concept in modern education has taken shape in the form of Swami Vivekananda Academy, Gwalior. This co-educational English medium Institution is an amalgamation of high standards in academics, coupled with a personality development program designed to Cates to the needs of the individual and the society. Added to these are the value of industry, integrity and esprit-de-crops which are characteristics of all good establishments. The school is also a glorious tribute to the assistance and encouragement provided by the Government of Madhya Pradesh in furthering their deep interest to bring quality education to the children of the state.

It is the progressive widening of consciousness which helps the child to manifest that within him, which is uniquely his, leading to an increasing satisfaction and success in individual living as also collective living, socially, nationally and internationally.

Our endeavour is to impart education which looks beyond the frontiers of formal education. It is, in fact, a preparation for life long learning.

Empowering Minds, Shaping Futures

Swami Vivekananda Academy, Gwalior, represents a unique concept in modern education, combining high academic standards with a comprehensive personality development program. This co-educational English medium institution is dedicated to catering to the needs of both the individual and society, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education.

At Swami Vivekananda Academy, we pride ourselves on our commitment to academic excellence, striving to equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in a rapidly changing world. Our curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire, fostering intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.

Beyond academics, we place a strong emphasis on personality development. Our programs are designed to build confidence, leadership, and interpersonal skills, preparing students to navigate and contribute positively to society. We instill values of industry, integrity, and esprit de corps, qualities that are the hallmark of all distinguished institutions.

At Swami Vivekananda Academy, we believe in nurturing the potential within every student, fostering a community where academic prowess and personal growth go hand in hand.


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